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dinner napkin - light indigo
dinner napkin - light indigo

dinner napkin - light indigo

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Bring understated luxury to your table with our everyday natural indigo dyed linen napkins and our signature double needle top stitch for a familiar casual touch.

Indigo has been produced for centuries and from many plants throughout the history but, the most famous indigo dye was produced from the flowering plants of Indigofera tinctoria, native of India -considered the oldest center of indigo dyeing. But, don't be mistaken, 99% of the 'indigo look' of your jeans and the 'navy' you see today, is synthetic.  Synthesizing indigo dye requires a number of toxic chemicals,  as does the dying process itself. This creates and enormous amount of pollution; in some parts of the world, rivers near denim mills run blue, contaminating and killing fish and affecting the health of all.  TAKE CHARGE!

Size 20X20

100% Linen

100% Natural  & good for the environment

Made in NYC