About Us

Founder and Creative Director of OXUM

Niovi Forbes, Founder + Creative Director of Oxum launched her company late in 2019 as a way to express her inspirations and impart her desire for making the times spent at home more celebratory, to deepen the connection with loved ones and, to make your everyday memories magical.
Her designs and bespoke tableware are an expression of time and bring forth a rare spirit all on their own. Each one-of-a-kind piece is a physical representation of the beauty found in natural imperfections and ancient traditions. Every piece is created to inspire sharing, togetherness, warmth and, the quiet but evocative message of gratitude.

Her visions expand beyond her surroundings -she felt the responsibility to improve the lives of mothers who are less fortunate, a cause close to her heart. Oxum is specifically created to empower mothers who are refugees, asylees and/or victims of sex trafficking residing in NYC. Currently, Niovi is making most of the items herself but, the goal is to hire and transfer the knowledge necessary to make the product under her supervision and, to harvest any artisanal skills inherent from the ladies' own specific cultures to deliver a timeless commercial product that transcends culture and time. She also works with rural mothers in South Africa who travel miles and miles by foot to spin, dye and hand knit the blankets she designs.