wall art - rectangular
wall art - rectangular
wall art - rectangular
wall art - rectangular
wall art - rectangular
wall art - rectangular
wall art - rectangular
wall art - rectangular

wall art - rectangular

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Ancient Tradition



Socially Responsible


Combining sustainable practices with artwork, this wall art is truly a unique home decor collection. Individually handcrafted, no two pieces are exactly alike. Dimension, depth and intrigue are built within layers of the solid recycled woods and offcuts leftover from production.

Size: 35.5 x 23.5in

Hardware to hang included.
Handmade from a selection of solid woods with a varnish finish.

Width - 35.5 in
Depth - 2 in
Height - 24 in
Net weight - 24 lb

Due to the hand-created nature of our products, each item will vary slightly. We consider this as a sign of uniqueness.
No assembly required
Hardware to hang included
For indoor use only

Shape - Rectangular
Collection - Bricks
Main Material - Teak
Finish - Varnished
Solid wood - Yes
Minerals & Microcement - There is little effort required to keep wall art in good condition. Keep wall art like new with these care and maintenance tips and tricks.

clay - The Clay collection is finished with a mineral paste. The natural texture does not have any varnish or protective layer applied. For this reason, do not use water or any chemical or natural cleaners on any front, edge or back surfaces of the artwork.

wood - Utilising production offcuts of high quality solid woods such as mahogany and teak, our wooden works are finished with a protective topcoat to repel common substances. However, this is no foolproof guarantee against stains, which should always be removed immediately. For regular dusting, use a dry soft cloth or brush. For a more thorough clean, use a little furniture polish with a soft cloth.

metal frame - Dust regularly using a soft, dry cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, use mild soap and a warm, damp, cloth. Wipe with a clean slightly damp cloth and further wipe dry. Ensure no liquid comes in contact with the artwork surface. Do not use steel wool, sandpaper, mineral acid, bleach or chlorine cleaners on any metal surfaces.

wall-mounted installation - All hanging hardware is included with assembly instructions. We recommend: Choosing a sturdy fixing suitable for the wall (such as drywall, plaster or brick). Test before hanging the product. Before drilling into the wall, tape an open envelope below the spot to catch the dust.

General care & maintenance tips
01 Dust regularly using a dry, soft, lint-free cloth or fine brush. Use gentle strokes and avoid vigorous rubbing.

02 To prevent colour fading or UV damage, do not place artwork in direct sunlight.

03 Don’t place in areas of high humidity such as in the bathroom or near a stovetop. The recommended humidity in the room for interior products is between 40% and 60%.

04 These products are intended for indoor use only with an ideal room temperature between 14°C/57°F and 21°C/70°F.

05 Avoid exposure to extreme conditions: Do not place near heating sources or air-conditioned spaces.