Echo white juice cups by OXUM NYC
Echo white juice cup by OXUM NYC
Black juice cup by OXUM NYC
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origins juice cup set

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Ancient Tradition



Socially Responsible

Made in New York

Hey there, thirsty friend! It's me, your trusty sidekick Juice Cup, part of the handmade ceramic home accessories collection by OXUM NYC. I've got your back whether you're craving refreshing juice or a comforting cup of tea. So prepare for an epic sip experience because I'm here to take it to the next level of delight!
DxHxW - 2.5x4.25X2.8 inches
Capacity - 5.5 ounces


All our ceramics are handmade, displaying differences in shape, size, glazes, and texture. These distinct irregularities honor the artisan's touch. Although our porcelain is suitable for microwave, caution against thermal shock caused by abrupt temperature shifts. Protect against potential harm by resting hot items on wooden or cloth surfaces—store plates in racks or with linen felt between them to avoid scratches.

Dishwasher safe: